Supervisory Excellence Award

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should multiple people get together and nominate the same individual?
No, nominations should be completed individually. One form signed by several individuals does not provide the same information for the judges as several nominations on different forms.

Can I nominate a supervisor outside of my assignment?
No, you can only nominate your direct volunteer supervisor.

Can I nominate more than one individual?
Yes you may, if you have more than one volunteer supervisor.

Do I need the person's permission before I nominate them for this award?
No, nominators will remain anonymous and all information received is highly confidential.

Can I nominate a previous recipient of this award?
Yes, however, a nominee cannot win the award in two consecutive years. (2014 winner was Ira Wigley.)

Can I nominate a Volunteer Services staff member for this award?
No, because Volunteer Services facilitates this process and presents the award. Ineligible staff include: Kathryn Berry Carter, Leah Brooks, Brittany Cochran, Megan Jones, Brin Schaechtel, Randa Spears, Tricia Spence, Penny Tramontozzi, and Amanda Wheeler.

Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Nomination Statements

When writing your nomination statement, keep in mind that the judges might not be familiar with the nominee or his/her volunteer supervision experience. Please give specific stories or examples in each category, using no more than 700 words for each statement.


  • How well does your supervisor communicate with you? Give an example.
  • Explain how clear and well defined expectations are presented to you by your supervisor?
  • How do you receive constructive feedback from your supervisor?

Meaningful Tasks

  • How does your supervisor effectively engage you and provide meaningful tasks for you?
  • How does your supervisor make sure your time here is well spent?
  • Are the supplies you need always present/available to you?


  • How are you motivated by your volunteer supervisor?

Recognition and Support

  • Please describe how your supervisor gives you the appropriate recognition and thanks for your efforts?
  • Does your supervisor take your suggestions and ideas?
  • If your suggestions and ideas are not implemented, are appropriate explanations given?


  • Did your supervisor give you appropriate training when you began? Please give an example.
  • How does your supervisor give you feedback on your performance?


  • In what ways does the nominee embody the values of St. Jude in his/her position as supervisor?

Additional Comments