CSTN Resource Request Form

The Request Form provides a mechanism to request cells, preclinical models, tissue blocks, sections, fresh frozen tissue, pharmacokinetic data, ChIPSeq protocols, and genomic data from pediatric solid tumors. Data collected when creating and characterizing the preclinical models can be found in the CSTN data portal.

These resources are intended to advance basic, translational and clinical research for pediatric solid tumors at academic institutions. All requests will be reviewed by the co-leaders (Drs. Michael A. Dyer and Alberto Pappo) of the Developmental Biology and Solid Tumor Program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in consultation with an advisory panel. If a request is approved, an MTA will be required.

While comprehensive raw datasets are not made available prior to publication, we are happy to accommodate many types of data requests to answer specific research questions.

Please note that, even if samples are provided free of charge, the requester will be responsible for shipping costs.

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Request Types

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Information and Data Request

Select the disease type(s) and topic(s) below. Select "Other" to manually enter a disease or topic.

GEMM Request

As a guideline we ask for a maximum of 2 GEMM strains per request. Select the available GEMMs and sample type below.

Cell Line Request

Select the number of vials for each cell line.

Xenograft Request

View the available xenografts and then select the appropriate xenograft(s) below. As a guideline we ask for a maximum of 5 xenografts per request.


View the available iPSCs and then select the appropriate lines below. As a guideline, we ask for a maximum of 3 lines per request.