Douglas Dayton Target House Volunteer Award Form

Volunteers may self-nominate or nominate a peer, or they may be nominated by a Target House, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, or ALSAC employee. Additionally, patient families or community members may nominate.

To be nomintated for this award, the volunteer must:

  • Have contributed volunteer service within the calendar year preceding the event.
  • Be in good standing with the Target House Volunteer Program.

Asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Nominator Information
Nominee Information
Nomination Statements

When writing your nomination statement, keep in mind that the judges might not be familiar with the nominee or his/her volunteer supervision experience. Please give specific stories or examples in each category, using no more than 700 words for each statement.


  • Describe the type of service the nominee has performed as a volunteer at Target House.
  • Did the nominee exhibit a desire to invest in their community?
  • Did they give their time in a way that shows excellence in service, friendly mannerisms, and value added programs, as Douglas Dayton inspired in the employees of Target Corporation?
  • Are the activities planned creative, innovative, and fun? Please explain.


  • Has the nominee exhibited a strong commitment to Target House?
  • Have they shown dedication to the mission of Target House and St. Jude?
  • How many years has this nominee been an active Target House volunteer?
  • Does this nominee regularly attend their scheduled volunteer shifts? Are they consistent?
  • How many hours or number of events have they contributed or hosted at Target House? (ask a staff member, if necessary)


  • The values of Target Corporation call for a strong, healthy, and safe community. How has this nominee's service reflected these values?
  • Has their service resulted in a strong or positive change?
  • Has their service made a difference at Target House during his/her time of service?
  • Did the nominee initiate activities or contribute to something that impacted the families' experience at Target House?

Passion for Volunteerism

  • Douglas Dayton was known for his passion for volunteerism. How has this nominee displayed passion in their role as a volunteer?
  • Do they show a sincere interest and spirit for volunteering?
  • Does this person regularly go above and beyond the call of duty?
  • Does this nominee provide encouragement to St. Jude patients and their families?


  • Target Corporation believes in fostering strong managerial talent, continuous innovation, and exceptional leadership.
  • Has the nominee exhibited strong leadership capability?
  • Does this nominee have a working knowledge of Target House volunteer expectations and guidelines and can they effectively lead team members to successful project implementation?
  • Can this nominee effectively train and support others, work collaboratively with staff, all while working independently?

Additional Comments